Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

Male Model Obsession

May I introduce to you my latest male model obsession:
I´m totally in love with Robbie Wadge but Joe Collier is also somebody to notice.

Their both young models who will make their way. They have similar looks and are definitely hot.

hot on the runway:

Robbie Wadge

Joe Collier

hot while smoking:

Robbie Wadge

Joe Collier

hot in close-ups:

Robbie Wadge

Joe Collier

Notice: I do not own any of these pictures. I took them from Google.

Freitag, 5. Juli 2013


I have always been in love with Valentino. Every year, they manage to impress me and make me fall in love with this brand over and over again. Here is some of my favourite Haute Couture:

hot red:







Montag, 18. März 2013

Mittwoch, 6. März 2013


 I went on a most amazing trip to Paris. I absolutely adore this city!

 attention: all pictures belong to me!

Samstag, 9. Februar 2013

On the streets of...Berlin!


It is always interesting to look at the streets of Berlin and get some fashion inspiration.
People there normally style quite simple and grungy but always with a twist. Enjoy!
Note: I do not own any of these pictures.